2016 - 2017 General Grand High Priest

Our Purpose

The constituent Most Excellent Grand Chapters of Holy Royal Arch Masonry, having convened, in oneness of mind, spirit, and objective, independently consent to confer as The General Grand Conference of Grand Chapters, to maintain and preserve the ancient traditions, customs, and usages of Holy Royal Arch Masonry, to perpetuate its fundamental principles, to safeguard its York Rite integrity, to set the standards of ritualistic uniformity and unanimity among its members, to strengthen the bond of Royal Arch Fraternity, to share in the identity of our common interest, and to assist the Most Excellent Grand Chapters in the resolution of common and unique challenges to our arts and practices, do construct and bind ourselves to these standards by which wisdom, justice, and equity compel us for our regulated government, to the honor of our holy purpose, the blessings of Divine Providence, and the glory of The Great I am.

2017 General Grand Conference Proclamation and Registration Information

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2017 General Grand Conference Proclamation
2017 Final HRAM Registration Form